Meet the team

Tiffany T. has worked 8.5 years for Cargill in various sales and marketing positions. She is currently a marketing specialist in the Western Region with an emphasis in Nutrena brand support for poultry customers. Tiffany lives on a small farm in Eastern Washington with her family and their many animals. Tiffany has a background in raising ducks, laying hens and meat birds and has really enjoyed sharing these experiences with her husband and two daughters.

Allison W. has worked 2 years for Cargill in marketing, and has a BS Animal Science from Delaware Valley College in PA. She is currently a marketing specialist in the Northeast Region with an emphasis in Nutrena brand support for poultry customers.  She lives in Northeastern NY on a 30 acre hobby farm with 4 horses, 3 dogs, barn cats, a coop full of hens and one proud rooster. Allison greatly enjoys farm fresh eggs and entertainment from her flock of 15 Wyandotte, Cochin, Brahma and Easter Egger hens, chosen for their cold-hardiness, personality, colored eggs and because the Wyandottes are a breed that was raised in New England in the 1840s, when her farmhouse (and most likely the chicken coop!) was built.

Twain L. To some people, being called a chicken is an insult. To Twain Lockhart, (aka Mr. Cluck), it is a compliment. Twain has over 40 years of experience raising and handling chickens, starting as a youngster in 4-H and FFA. He studied animal husbandry and has 17+ years of experience as a feed store owner, specializing in poultry feed. Today, Twain (Mr. Cluck) is a poultry specialist for Nutrena Feeds and loves to talk turkey, and duck, and chicken and pheasant and quail, about poultry. Mr. Cluck brings a very practical, hands-on approach to raising chickens and enjoys helping others with their “chicken addictions.”